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导读:8B Unit7 International charitiesPeriod4(Grammar)一、单项填空 ( ) 1. The doctors will operate on her as soon as she _______ hospital. A. is sent to B. will be taken to C. leaves D. return to ( ) 2. -Have you finished your task? -Not yet. I'll fi

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8b unit7 period4(grammar).doc

8B Unit7 International charitiesPeriod4(Grammar)一、单项填空 ( ) 1. The doctors will operate on her as soon as she _______ hospital. A. is sent to B. will be taken to C. leaves D. return to ( ) 2. -Have you finished your task? -Not yet. I'll finish it if I _______ twenty more minutes. A. am given B. give C. will give D. will be given ( ) 3. Today is her birthday. A delicious cake _______ her this morning. A. makes B. make C. was made on D. was made for ( ) 4..-Henry, you _______ on the phone. -Oh, _______. Thank you. A. are wanted, I come B. are wanted, I'm coming C. are being wanted, I come D. are wanting, I'm coming ( ) 5. When and where were the dinosaur(恐龙) eggs _______? A. found B. founded C. find D. finding ( ) 6. -Who's the woman in a blue blouse in the photo? -My mum. This photo _______ five years ago. A. takes B. is taken C. took D. was taken ( ) 7. This kind of bicycle _______ in the shop near our school. A. sells B. sell C. are sold D. is sold ( ) 8. The old palace looks so great! I heard that it _______ nearly 1000 years ago. A. was building B. was built C. has built D. is built ( ) 9. The children _______ very well in the school. Don't worry. A. look after B. is looked after C. are looked after D. are looked ( )10. -Did you go to Jack's party last night? -No, I _______. A. didn't invite B. haven't inv ted C. wasn't invited D. am not invited ( )11. The fashionable boots _______ China. A. is made in B. is made from C. are made in D. are made from ( )12. You may watch TV after your homework _______. A. was done B. is done C. has done D. will be done ( )13. -These pineapples look different and they taste good -Right. They _______ here from Thailand yesterday. A. was brought B were brought C. bring D. are brought ( )14. The red shoes cost more because they _______ leather. A. makes of B. made of C. are made of D. are made from ( )15. Last year, Wang Hua, a middle school student, _______ to take part in the math competition. A. is choosing B. is chosen C. was choosing D. was chosen 二、用被动语态改写句子 l. We can cure 80 per cent of these diseases.1

_______________________________________________________________________ 2. They use the plane as a training center. _______________________________________________________________________ 3. We invite local doctors and nurses on board to learn about eye operations. _______________________________________________________________________ 4. Dr Ma operated on 150 patients during his last visit. _______________________________________________________________________ 5. The teacher gave us some useful advice yesterday. _______________________________________________________________________ 6. Edison invented the electric light. _______________________________________________________________________ 7. We plant trees every year. _______________________________________________________________________ 8. The government builds many schools in poor areas every year. _______________________________________________________________________ 三、动词填空 1. The Great Wall_______ (know) all over the world. 2. I can't understand the story. It_______ (write) in French. 3. The accident_______ (happen) on a cold winter night last year. 4. I_______ (not see) you for a long time. You_______ (change)a lot. 5. It's hot inside. Do you mind_______ (open) the window? 6. -When_______ the patient_______ (take) to hospital? -About two hours ago. 7. He_______ (hear) to sing this English song just now. 8. Tom with his family_______ (live) in Nanjing now. but they _______ (move) to America soon. 9. The meeting_______ (hold) in the hall. A1l the teachers took part in it. 10. They_______ (talk) about how_______ (spend) this holiday when I came into the room. 四、完形填空 Do you know Jiuzhaigou? It is a very l place. It is in Sichuan Province. Jiuzhaigou is a valley. It is more than 40 kilometres long. The green and golden trees, the lofty mountains and the clear and 2 water form the unique beauty of Jiuzhaigou. There are more than 100 lakes of different shapes in the valley. These lakes have wonderful colours. 3 the forests and the lakes, there are nine Tibetan villages. The name "Jiuzhaigou" 4 Nine Village Valley. Jiuzhaigou 5 because of a panda rescue(拯救) programme. The pandas were once 6 because the bamboo there was blooming. When people came to rescue the pandas, they 7 see the beauty of Jiuzhaigou. After that, Jiuzhaigou became a protected scenic area(风景区). In China, there is a 8 which goes like this: No mountain is worth 9 after you have seen Mount Huang and no other body of water will attract you after you have visited Jiuzhaigou. The beauty of Jiuzhaigou cannot be described 10 any words. The best way is to enjoy its fairyland(仙境). See you in Jiuzhaigou.2

( ( ( ( ()1. A. beautiful B. bad C. well D. worse )2.A. colour B. colourful C. colourfully D. colours )3.A. In B. Above C. Before D. Between )4.A. meaning B. means C. to mean D. mean )5. A. was discovered B. is discovered C. discover D. discovered ( )6.A. danger B. in danger C. dangerous D. dangerless ( )7. A. are surprise to B. were surprising C. are surprised to D. were surprised to ( )8.A. saying B. telling C. speaking D. talking ( )9.A. to see B. seeing C. saw D. seen ( )10. A. without B. with C. in D. use 五、阅读理解 Building a house costs quite a lot of money. Suppose you plan to build a house. Your first step is to find a right piece of land. Your choice(选择) will depend on many different things. You will probably try to find a sunny place, with pleasant surroundings(环境) near shops and bus stops, not too far from your friends and the place where you work. Next you will find a good builder, and together with the builder you will work out a plan. The builder will draw the plan. It will show the number of rooms, their position and size, and other parts, such as windows, doors, and electric outlets(电插座). The builder will work out how much money is needed to build your house. He will work out the cost of the wood, bricks, the glass, and everything else that must be used in building the house. Later on, when he starts to build, this estimate(预算) must be corrected and revised(修订). His estimate is based on existing prices, but prices of such things may change, and many other things may happen between the time when he makes the estimate and the time when he builds the house. When the builder gives his estimate, you may wish to change your plan. (You may also wish to change your builder, if his estimate is too high!) You may find that the house you wanted at first costs too much or that you can spend a little more and add something to your plan. The builder's estimate depends on the plan, but the final plan depends on the builder's estimate. ( )1. The best title of this passage is_______. A. Building a House Costs Much Money B. Estimate Is Important C. Planning a House D. Depend on the Builder ( )2. The first thing for a person to build a house is_______. A. to get as much money as possible B. to find a suitable piece of land C. to work out a plan D. to make an estimate ( )3. The underlined phrase "draw the plan" in this passage means_______. A. drawing a picture of a building or a room B. making a plan C. working out a solution3

D. taking a picture out of a room )4. What is the relationship(关系) between the estimate and the plan? A. The plan depends on the estimate. B. The estimate depends on the plan. C. The plan has nothing to do with the estimate. D. The estimate and the plan depend on each other. 六、翻译句子 1.传单由志愿者分发给街上的人。

_______________________________________________________________________ 2.一场慈善演出于上周由学生会举办。

_______________________________________________________________________ 3. 1942 年,Oxfam 在英国建立。

_______________________________________________________________________ 4.Oxfam 商店出售很多东西,包括书籍。

_______________________________________________________________________ 5.一个叫做希望工程的慈善项目开始于 1989 年。

_______________________________________________________________________ 6.资金被 Oxfam 用来帮助穷人。

_______________________________________________________________________ (4

参考答案一. 1-5 AADBA 6-10 DDBCC 11-15 CBBCD 二. 1. 80 per cent of these diseases can be cured (by us). 2. The planed is used as a training center (by them). 3. Local doctors and nurses are invited on board to learn about eye operations (by us) . 4. 150 patients were operated on (by Dr Ma) during his last visit. 5. Some useful advice was given to us(by the teacher) yesterday./We were given some useful advice( by the teacher) yesterday. 6. The electric light was invented ( by Edison). 7. Trees are planted ( by us) every year. 8. Many schools are built in poor areas (by the government) every year. 三. 1. is known 2. is/was written 3. happened . 4. haven't seen, have changed 5. opening 6. was, taken 7. was heard 8. lives/is living, will move 9. was held 10. were talking, to spend 四. ABDBA BDABB 五. CBAD 六. 1. Leaflets are handed out to people in the street by volunteers. 2. A charity show was held by the Students' Union last week. 3. Oxfam was set up in the UK in 1942. 4. A lot of things are sold in Oxfam shops, including books. 5. A charity project called Project Hope was started in 1989. 6. Money is used by Oxfam to help poor people.5

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